We have 23 locations throughout Southland placed at the heart of rural and urban communities.

We work hard to ensure all children at every kindergarten experience the best teaching and learning environments.

Our kindergarten locations are listed below.

Spaces available now at Clarendon Kindergarten, Grasmere Kindergarten and Fiordland Kindergarten

Lindisfarne Kindergarten

Open: Monday to Friday 8.00am – 4.00pm

Session times: Monday to Friday 8.30am – 2.30pm

Address: 34 Mitchell Street, Invercargill 9810

Phone: (03) 217 9467


Teachers: Paula Smith, Jocelyn Hinton, Shelley Matheson

Play Group: Thursday 10am - 11.30am

Number of children: 30 in the morning, 20 in the afternoon

Lindisfarne Kindergarten is in a long-established residential area which is centrally located to the city. Our kindergarten consists of a rich, diverse multi-cultural blend of tamariki and whānau.

We strive to encompass and reflect the importance and care of each other through respect and kindness. Valuing our environment and learning ways in which we can all collectively care for Papatūānuku (Mother Earth). As an Enviroschool we respect the kaupapa that goes with this, learning for sustainability, empowering our tamariki, and encouraging sustainable communities.

We have a large spacious outside play area/environment providing ample space to explore, be involved and engage with nature. Our indoor area offers many different spaces of play including a project room which is themed to represent our latest project of interest or focus learning. We also attend Taiao Tuhura (bush programme), which enables our tamariki to have fun in and be with nature, building resilience, extending on physical capacities, in unhurried play, building relationships and just having fun.

We have a PMP (Perceptual Movement Programme) which supports and encourages nga tamariki to build confidence and strength in their own physical capabilities; this takes place weekly.

We provide a range of opportunities for families and the wider community to be involved in including Polyfest and themed family nights (with themes such as PJs, fish and chips, multi-cultural dinner, mid-winter outings).

Longbush Rural Kindergarten

Open: Monday to Friday 8.15am - 4.15pm

Session times: Monday to Friday 8.30am – 2.30pm

Address: 1069 Invercargill Woodlands Highway, RD1, Invercargill 9871

Phone: (03) 231 3148


Teachers: Julie Blake, Jim O'Hara, Melissa Rodgers

Number of children: 30/20

Here at Longbush kindergarten we are a place full of fun, love and laughter situated 10 minutes out of Invercargill, we have a beautiful rural outlook including three paddocks 4 sheep 9 chickens and an eatable garden. Our environment is unhurried offering natural spaces for children to explore and investigate.

We have great whanau and community spirit, where Relationships with whanau/family are important to our kindergarten. We love to involve families within our teaching and learning programme and we always have an open-door policy

If you would like to know more please feel free to pop in anytime, the kettle is always hot.

Longford Kindergarten

Open: Monday to Friday 8.15am – 4.15pm

Session times: Monday to Friday 8.30am – 2.30pm

Address: 11 Vera Street, Gore 9710

Phone: (03) 208 9203


Teachers: Megan Hunter, Kate Knight, Kris Woodrow

Number of children: 30 in the morning, 20 in the afternoon

Longford Kindergarten is situated on the same site as Longford Intermediate School.

Our award winning playground features natural environments specifically designed to invite children to make discoveries, provoke wonder, inspire curiosity and to engage them in developing working theories of the world they live in.

Our new building provides a well-designed, well-resourced and inviting indoor environment; our teachers have deliberately arranged the spaces to encourage small and large-group activities.

We value responsive and reciprocal relationships between children, families, teachers and the wider community. We welcome parents and whanau to come along to see what the children are doing and join in with activities at any time.

We offer flexible hours; children can attend for up to six hours a day or just the morning.

To find out more and arrange a time to meet our friendly team, please contact us.

Newfield Kindergarten

Open: 8.15am – 4.15pm Monday to Friday

Session times: 8.30am – 2.30pm Monday to Friday

Address: 150 Centre Street, Invercargill 9812

Phone: (03) 216 8743


Teachers: Rebecca Hansen, Elaine Goodsir, Ilana Edlin, Penny Kennett

Play Group: Wednesday 1pm – 2.30pm

At Newfield Kindergarten we treasure our children and the families they belong to. We call ourselves a kindergarten family and focus on creating a warm and nurturing environment, with love and care shown in our teaching.

We focus on building a close relationship with each child so that we can find the right paths to excite them about their learning. We specialise in social and emotional competence learning.

Our large, exciting native outdoor playground presents lots of challenges for children in their play. We focus on play that leads children to be challenged, creative, innovative, socially skilled and happy individuals.

As an Enviroschools and Healthy Heart kindergarten, we promote sustainable living practices and environmental education.

Our family whanau room is a hub for connecting families and sharing the journey of being parents of pre-schoolers. It is used for coffee mornings and afernoons, social gatherings, guest speakers and just generally catching up.

To find out more and arrange a time to meet our friendly team, please contact us.

Otatara Kindergarten

Open: Monday to Friday 8.15am – 4.15pm

Session times: Monday to Friday 8.40am – 2.40pm

Address: 140 Dunns Road, RD9, Invercargill 9879

Phone: (03) 213 0737


Teachers: Janine Templeton, Kim Hansen, Anna-Leigh Duncan, Sarah Hamilton

Number of children: 30 in the morning, 20 in the afternoon

Otatara Kindergarten is located in the heart of the community, situated on-site at the local primary school.

This close proximity means we have a strong relationship with the school and get involved in weekly kapa haka sessions with the new entrant class and Jump Jam in the community hall with the whole school. We also offer an excellent transition to school programme.

We are fortunate to have a unique environment with a backdrop of native bush and we use this for our Nature Discovery Programme where children learn and play in nature.

Our teachers are passionate about research on children’s brain development and we align ourselves to the philosophy of Reggio Emilia and the 100 languages of children.

We encourage and welcome whanau participation in daily active movement sessions and frequent family evenings.

Share places are available on our roll, which give families the opportunity to choose the hours at kindergarten that best suit them.

We also run a playgroup on Wednesday mornings, where children and whanau can come along and get to know us before they start kindergarten.

To find out more and arrange a time to meet our friendly team, please contact us.